Looking for fantastic replacement window services in Dublin and surrounding areas? Look no further than Orion Windows – we can provide beautiful double glazed replacement windows that will give your Dublin home a spectacular new lease of life.

Whether your existing windows are ‘past their sell-by date’ or you are looking for better insulation and security, we can provide an excellent range of replacement windows throughout Dublin & Meath.

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Why Should I get Replacement Windows

Maybe your windows have been poorly fitted and are drafty, or maybe they are so old that they are using defunct materials and technology which don’t offer the same benefits and technology as the more modern double and triple glazing replacement windows.

Maybe your windows are relatively ok but you want to upgrade to triple glazing in order to make your home as energy efficient as possible, or possibly you just wish to refresh the look and feel of your home.

Modern windows are now


New window technology helps retain more heat and comes with an impressive energy rating


New windows are better at keeping out environment noise, extra panes of glass helps block out unwanted noise


Most windows feature thicker glass panes which now makes them a lot of tougher to break for added piece of mind

More Secure

Our replacement windows comes with strong locking systems for added security and protection

Energy Efficient

Put simply, depending on how old your windows are and the amount of heat loss, replacing them can save you money through reduced heating costs

We assure top-notch result at a very competitive rate. Our team of craftsmen will guide you during every stage of the
process so that you can get 100% satisfactory result. Call us today to schedule an inspection or free quote and configuration. We are here to transform your home with our vast experience and expertise.

We supply replacement windows in Dublin and all the windows we supply have been accredited to meet several national and European standards and are made from several materials to ensure they’re as durable as possible.

The unique composite structure of our products means they require little to no maintenance – making them a great investment. If you’re not sure what type of replacement windows you need, you can arrange an appointment with one of our designers and get a realistic idea of how your new windows will look and more importantly how much they will cost.

Competitive Window Replacement Services

Our services are very competitively priced, giving you the added security and energy efficiency benefits that your home needs.